Private beach

A peaceful haven on Pesquiers beach in Hyeres

A prestigious and magical place to relax in the shade of a parasol on a beach lounger whilst sipping a cocktail listening to refreshing background music.

Sun Loungers on the private beach

Residents: 10 € - Visitors: 22 €

plage des pesquiers hyères
Fine sand and shallow sea

Alcohol-free cocktails

The Virgin Mojito 8 €
The Virgin Pina Colada 8 €
The Bora Bora (pineapple juice, passion juice, fresh lemon juice, grenadine syrup) 8 €
From the Orchard tyo the Beach (apple juice, pear juice, barley syrup, fresh lemon juice, cinnamon) 12 €
Detox tea 8 €
Detox jus 14 €

Classic Cocktails

MOJITO (16cl) Pampero Rum 4cl, Captain Morgan rum 2 cl, lime 4cl, fresh mint, cane sugar, Perrier 6cl, Angostura bitter 12 €
APEROL SPRITZ (16cl) Pampero Rum 4cl, Captain Morgan rum 2 cl, lime, fresh mint, cane sugar, Perrier 4cl, Angostura bitter 12 €
CAÏPIRHINA (12cl) Cachaça 6cl, citron vert, sirop de sucre de canne) 12 €
SEX ON THE BEACH (Vodka 4cl, peach cream 1cl, chambord 1cl, pineapple juice 8cl, cranberries juice 6cl) 12 €
PINA COLADA (20cl) Trois rivières rum 4 cl, Malibu 2 cl, pineapple juice 8 cl, coconut cream 12 €
MARGUARITA ( Tequila 4cl, cointreau 2cl, green lemon juice, Sugar syrup) 12 €
MANHATTAN (Bourbon 6cl, red martini 3cl, angostura, marasquin syrup) 12 €

Bor trends

FRESH PAPA (Don Papa 3cl, vanilla icecream, rum bitter with tonka bean and lemon zest) 15 €
MEXICAN BERRIES (Mezcal 3cl, chambord 1cl, strawberry, rasberry juice 3cl, green lemon juice 1cl, homemade verbena syrup 2cl) 15 €
CITRUS MARTINI (vodka 3cl, mandarin liqueur 2cl, homemade peach and verbena syrup 2cl, green lemon juice1cl, grapefruit juice 2cl) 15 €
TROPICAL SOUR (Whisky 6cl, passion fire puree 2cl, fresh orange juice 4cl, green lemon juice, vanilla syriup, white eggs) 15 €
LE BOR SPRITZ (Gin G vine 3cl, St germain 3cl, lemon juice 1cl, homemade basil syrup, sparkling rosé Léoubes 8cl) 15 €

Les mocktails

VIRGIN MOJITO (16cl) 4cl Citron vert, menthe fraîche, sucre de canne roux, 12 cl de Ginger Ale 8 €
BORA BORA (20cl) 6cl Jus d'ananas, 6cl jus de passion, 2cl jus de citron, 1cl sirop de grenadine 8 €
VIRGIN PINACOLADA (20cl) 12cl Jus d'ananas, 2cl crème de coco, 2cl jus de citron vert 8 €
DU VERGER À LA PLAGE (20cl) 8cl Jus de pomme, 8cl jus de poire, 2cl sirop d'orgeat, 2cl jus de citron, cannelle 8 €

Soft drinks / fruit juices

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola zéro, Orangina, Schweppes Agrumes, Limonade, Ice Tea (33cl) 4,50 €
Jus de fruits Pago (25cl) strawberry, apple, apricot, orange, pineapple, mango, tomato, ACE, mango 4,50 €
San bitter (10cl) 4 €
Syrup 2 €
Freshly squeezed juices: orange, grapefruit, lemo (16cl) 6 €
Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer (20cl) 4 €

Mineral waters

Thonon (75 cl) 7 €
Châteldon (Sparkling wate - 75 cl) 7 €
Vittel (25cl) 3 €
Perrier (Sparkling wate - 33cl) 4,50 €


Desperados 6 €
Virée à Porquerolles (blonde, blanche, ambrée) 6 €
Draft beer: Birra Moretti 5 €
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